Adelide Fringe
Australasia Juggling Finales


Hello sweetie! My name is Grandma Josephine, I am Simon's Grandmother, 

Simon has always been a showman ever since he was a little boy he would do the dingle dangle scarecrow for strangers as they waited in airports. 

My Grandson Simon has a passion for the ridiculous he has perfected skills that most people think impossible such as juggling ping-pong balls with his mouth. In his years training at the National Institute of Circus Arts, he became one of Australia’s best unicyclists and freestanding ladder balancer.

He has performed at Cirque de Demain in  Paris in 2012.


I am so proud he's even on television with ABC kids circus show “Hoopla Doopla” as Zap the acrobatic postman.

He is one of the founding members of comedy trio "Dummies Corp" with their hit shows Trash Test Dummies and Splash Test Dummies. He is often touring nationally and internationally when he is not looking after his Grandma. - Josephine